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St Vincent Plaza, Glasgow







Cost consultancy



Architect / Interior Designer


Office refurbishment project in Glasgow

David, while working with a previous employer, provided cost consultancy services during the pre-contract phase of a project for Arm, up until the contractor’s appointment in September 2019. Arm sought to relocate their Skypark office to St Vincent Plaza, opting for a considerably larger space to accommodate future growth. This move symbolised their transition from the ‘Stream’ brand, and they desired a distinctive office fit-out that reflected Arm’s interactive work culture and provided a pleasant working environment. With a pre-set budget, David, alongside the project manager and design team, aided Arm in validating the budget, exploring various space optimisation and user experience options, including maximising the ground floor’s double-height space.

Being the last tenant to move into the building presented unique challenges such as limited riser space, additional plant requirements, and coordination with existing occupants. David’s collaborative approach with the client, project manager, and design team ensured successful project tendering within the budget. His responsibilities encompassed regular, clear cost reporting and proactive teamwork, ensuring the project was both on budget and in alignment with Arm’s aspirations for their new workspace.

£3m including furniture

Project Value

10 months


“Its been great working with David and more importantly it’s been really fun.”

Crispin Tedbury, Arm