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The benefits of a Graduate Apprenticeship degree as a Quantity Surveyor

Apprenticeships were not something that was discussed a lot at my school. In fact, when I left school in 2018 I was unsure of what I wanted to do for a career and went down a completely different path. It wasn’t until I started looking into the construction industry as a young adult, that I realised a Graduate Apprenticeship would be a great option for me.


I originally started looking for apprenticeships through recruitment websites in early 2022. I found Torridon’s website and was drawn to the company as it focuses on teamwork and supporting development which was very important to me. I expressed my interest in an Apprenticeship within the company, and received a quick response and an interview on teams. I felt very fortunate to be accepted for the position and started in September 2022. I attend Heriot Watt University one day a week and spend the other four days doing on-the-job training with the team at Torridon. I’m now going into my second year and so far I have found this to be a really beneficial way of learning. I would highly recommend this process to anyone looking into becoming a Quantity Surveyor for the following reasons:


  • Earning a Degree: The main incentive for doing an apprenticeship is that you earn a degree at the same time as working within your chosen industry. I will leave with a BSc (Hons) degree in ‘Construction and The Built Environment’ along with 4 years of practical work experience which I wouldn’t have had if I went down the traditional route.


  • Financial Stability: In the current cost of living crisis many people may be put off going on to further education as it often can be associated with high living costs and student debt. Apprenticeships are a great way of allowing people to earn a salary whilst studying towards a degree at the same time. This creates comfort while studying and eases the pressure of financial stress and University loan debt.


  • Continuous on the job learning and mentorship: Being employed at Torridon while at University means that I am able to work alongside qualified Quantity Surveyors with a huge pool of knowledge and experience. My colleagues happily answer questions I have about projects, but also on topics I am covering in my University modules. This gives me an insight into their personal experiences, which I have found very valuable. I get to listen and join in on real life situations that are going on within the construction industry, i.e. witnessing changes in design due to clients budgets or desire along with helping value engineer projects to assist with this, giving me a firsthand awareness of the challenges and successes of the job that I would not have received if I went down the more traditional route of learning. Having access to on the job experiences and continuous learning helps build a foundation of knowledge that grows daily throughout my Apprenticeship.


  • Industry Connections: At Torridon we are encouraged to attend networking events as they are a great way of meeting new people and gaining confidence to build a professional network. This has helped teach me new communicational skills which I have then been able to use at project meetings, when speaking to clients and contractors, and when I attend classes at University. Learning to present myself in a professional manner and being able to strike up conversations with people throughout all industry sectors is something that I am sure will benefit me in years to come.


  • Personal Development / Growth: In the past year, my confidence has grown greatly, personally and professionally. This is due to the support and opportunities my Apprenticeship at Torridon has given me. I have also improved my decision making, time management and teamwork skills, along with gaining more experience with technology. All of which wouldn’t have been possible if I attended University in the traditional way.


A Graduate Apprenticeships can be full on – working a full week whilst also finding time to revise, however, I feel as though I have managed to create a good balance between being a student and working full time. Although I will miss out on some typical things that University students look forward to like joining a sports clubs, freshers week or living in halls, at Torridon we enjoy regular social events and so far in my year I have been involved in a team day out to Ninja Warrior, Edinburgh Fringe events, pizza parties and regular drinks as a team after work.


Overall, I think Apprenticeships are hugely beneficial, I am working towards my degree while earning a salary, gaining valuable experience and having ongoing support through my studies. It is a fantastic way to begin a career in the construction industry.


If a Graduate Apprenticeship is something that would interested you, please check out our available opportunities or get in touch for more information. 😊

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The benefits of a Graduate Apprenticeship degree as a Quantity Surveyor

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